Spielman Excavating

Spielman Excavating, established in 2015 by brothers Josh and Darin Spielman, boasts over 20 years of excavating experience in Sioux Falls. With a commitment to excellence, a skilled team, and cutting-edge equipment, they ensure top-notch standards in every project.

About Spielman Excavating

Spielman Excavating is located in Sioux Falls, SD and is a family owned and operated company.  Spielman Excavating was first founded in 2015 by Josh Spielman and was joined by his brother Darin Spielman in 2016.  Although the company is new to the industry, the two brothers have been doing excavating work for the past 20 years.  Their work and name is well known throughout the Sioux Falls area and they have grown great relationships with some of the most recognized contactors in the area. 

 Spielman Excavating takes pride in every aspect of their work and ensures that the job is done to the highest standards.  Spielman Excavating has a highly experienced work force and cutting edge equipment to complete your project.

REM Projects with Spielman Excavating

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