Soukup Construction

Soukup Construction is a construction powerhouse specializing in earthwork activities, from site preparation to environmental cleanup. Their commitment to community involvement makes them a trusted partner for construction excellence in eastern South Dakota.

About Soukup Construction

Founded in 1963 by Carl and Marietta Soukup with just a bulldozer and a pickup truck, Soukup Construction Inc. has evolved into a construction powerhouse. Starting in Scotland, SD, and settling in Sioux Falls after a stint in Irene, the company has undergone significant milestones, with Jim Soukup taking the reins as President in the 1990s and moving to a state-of-the-art facility in 2016.

Today: With over 100 employees and a fleet of 300 late-model construction pieces, Soukup Construction dominates eastern South Dakota. Specializing in diverse earthwork activities, from site preparation and highway construction to building demolition and environmental cleanup, we take pride in our comprehensive services.


  • Site preparation for small and large buildings
  • Earthwork for highway and urban streets
  • Demolition of buildings, pavements, houses, and bridges
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Underground utilities
  • General hauling

Developments: Beyond construction, we build and own various developments. Collaborating with owners and general contractors, we craft quality, cost-efficient plans that guide projects from inception to completion.

Community Commitment: Soukup Construction is not just a construction company; it’s a pillar of community involvement and benevolence. We take immense pride in contributing to the communities we serve, embodying a commitment to excellence that goes beyond construction projects.

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