Howe, a family-owned business since 1940, has been a cornerstone in Sioux Falls, earning trust through generations. With over 80 years of experience, they excel in residential and commercial services, offering top-notch solutions in plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection, setting the standard for quality and reliability in the community.

About Howe

Howe has been a cornerstone of the Sioux Falls community since 1940, earning trust through a commitment to local homes and businesses. Established by Larry Howe as “Larry Howe Heating & Plumbing,” the company evolved over four generations. Larry worked with his son Robert until retirement in 1953. By 1977, the third generation, Larry and Ronald, took the reins. Today, the fourth generation, Justin and Josh, continues the family legacy, expanding services to include cooling, fire protection, and custom mechanical system engineering.

In the commercial sphere, Howe excels in HVAC systems, providing design/build services for diverse projects. Certified technicians handle repairs, maintenance, and installations with over 80 years of experience. In commercial plumbing, Howe offers comprehensive solutions, leveraging decades of expertise in design, installation, and repair. In the residential realm, certified plumbers ensure seamless services from individual fixture repairs to complete bathroom remodels, setting the standard for quality in Sioux Falls.

With over 80 years in residential heating services, Howe stands as the trusted name for Sioux Falls homeowners. From heating repairs and maintenance to stress-free installations, their experienced technicians provide dependable solutions. As a family-owned business deeply ingrained in the local community, Howe remains dedicated to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, making them an enduring presence in Sioux Falls’ plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection landscape.

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