Highway Improvement, Inc.

Highway Improvement, Inc., a leader in pavement and bridge maintenance since 1984, pioneers innovative solutions for asphalt preservation. Recognized nationally for introducing industry standards in the Upper Midwest, we specialize in crack sealing, bridge joints, crack leveling, and concrete sealing, ensuring the longevity of crucial infrastructure.

About Highway Improvement, Inc.

Since 1984, Highway Improvement, Inc. has been at the forefront of pavement and bridge maintenance, initially focusing on asphalt crack sealing. Nationally recognized for innovation in pavement preservation, we’ve introduced cutting-edge services and techniques to the Upper Midwest, setting industry standards. Today, we collaborate with state transportation departments, county governments, municipalities, and private entities to deliver the highest quality and most advanced products in the pavement preservation industry.

Core Services: Crack Sealing, Bridge Joints, Crack Leveling, Concrete Sealing: At the heart of our pavement preservation approach is crack sealing, limiting water penetration to enhance asphalt longevity. We employ certified bridge joint systems, including polymer-modified asphalt growth joints, and specialize in crack leveling and concrete sealing. From asphalt repair mastic to sealing concrete surfaces, our expertise ensures the preservation and longevity of vital infrastructure.

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