Electric Construction Company

Electric Construction Company, serving Sioux Falls for over a century, is a leading electrical contractor known for excellence, timely project delivery, and a client-first approach. Their skilled team, guided by a motto of “Success through Service,” excels in efficiently handling projects of any scale with precision.

About Electric Construction Company

With a legacy spanning over a century, Electric Construction Company has been a cornerstone of the Sioux Falls, SD community since 1906. As one of the most prominent electrical contractors in South Dakota, our steadfast commitment to excellence and timely project delivery has earned us an unparalleled reputation.

Specializing in expeditious building projects, our highly skilled workforce ensures top-notch quality and on-schedule completion. At Electric Construction Company, our success is driven by a dedicated management team and employees who embody our motto of “Success through Service.” Recognized with awards, our focus remains on achieving ultimate client satisfaction, handling projects of any scale efficiently and promptly.

REM Projects with Electric Construction Company

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