Baete-Forseth HVAC, a cornerstone in Sioux Falls for over 60 years, blends a rich legacy of quality HVAC solutions with a commitment to innovation. Guided by Arthur B. deWit, they stand as a pivotal force in the industry, collaborating seamlessly with partners like REM Construction to shape the city’s future.

About Baete-Forseth

Embark on a journey of exceptional HVAC solutions with Baete-Forseth, a name etched in Sioux Falls’ growth for over 60 years. Established in 1945 by visionaries Mr. Lou Baete and Mr. Mel Forseth, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and superior service has been unwavering. Guided by Arthur B. deWit since 1985, we proudly stand as a pivotal force in the HVAC industry, shaping the city’s landscape alongside esteemed partners like REM Construction.

Our story is woven into Sioux Falls’ transformation from a prairie town to a bustling community. Baete-Forseth HVAC is not just a family-owned business; it’s a testament to resilience and innovation. As a proud Lennox/Amana dealer, we bring cutting-edge HVAC solutions, ensuring a quiet, clean, and energy-efficient environment for our clients.

At Baete-Forseth, we understand the importance of collaboration. Our seamless integration with partners like REM Construction reflects our commitment to excellence. Whether it’s 24/7 radio dispatch service, free estimates, or maintaining a stellar 5-star rating on Facebook, every aspect of our service is designed with our clients in mind.

As we move forward, Baete-Forseth HVAC continues to be at the forefront of the industry, working hand in hand with partners like REM Construction to build not just structures, but legacies. Join us in shaping the future of comfort, one innovative HVAC solution at a time.

REM Projects with Baete-Forseth

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